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High Efficiency Air Purification Systems for Data Centers

High Efficiency Air Purifiers for Data Centers
Corrosion of contacts and components on circuit boards accounts for 30 to 40% of all equipment failures. The eCorrosion is caused by an unmanaged environment consisting of combinations of uncontrolled temperature and humidity, along with harmful corrosive gases inside the electronic equipment rooms. Early life failures due to eCorrosion could result in unplanned warranty, and other maintenance and replacement related costs.

Powered by our proven multi-stage air filtration technology and combined with atmospheric corrosion monitors (ACM), the CSA600, AF2000, AF1000, and AF600 air purifiers offer unparalleled protection for sensitive equipment.

Using the information from the ACMs (Atmospheric Corrosion Monitors ) deployed in the environment helps us create a valid assessment of corrosion rates and allows us to provide customised air filtration solutions capable of handling  G2, G3 and GX environments.

  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Co-location and Inter-connection Centers
  • Electronic control rooms (pulp & paper, petrochemical, manufacturing, etc.)
  • High tech industry (chip manufacturing, process rooms, etching areas)

Engineered to protect sensitive electronics operating in corrosive environments (up to GX environments)

Designed to handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, and particles, AF2000 delivers superior air quality for datacenters. (G2 - G3 environments)

Continuous duty operation, and superior air filtration for small to medium indoor applications. (G2 - G3 environments)

Engineered to improve indoor air quality, AF600 removes both particulate and gaseous contaminants. (G2 - G3 environments) 

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AF1000 Heavy-Duty Air Purifier for Data Centers AF1000 Heavy-Duty Air Purifier for Data Centers AF1000 Heavy-Duty Air Purifier for Data Centers AF600 Versatile Air Purifier for Data Centers