Thursday, October 30, 2014

Air Purifiers for Home and Office

BioScan Air Purifiers for Home and Office
Designed to deliver superior air quality to residential and small commercial spaces, our BioScan air purifiers protect your home and office against a wide range of indoor pollutants such as airborne particles and allergens, odors, chemicals, gases and VOCs.

Powerful yet very quiet turbines pull the contaminated air through our industrial-strength multistage filtration system consisting of pre-filters, medical grade HEPA filters and chemical filters.

Highly customizable, the filtration system can be optimized to target practically anything, from very specific contaminants to general air filtration.

Installed in a partial bypass configuration and compatible with all HVAC units, our BioScan B300 air purifiers draw air from your furnace system and clean it continuously before returning it for re-circulation to large spaces or the entire home.

Basic 3 Stage Filtration System for Air Purifiers
Whisper quiet, compact and very portable, the BioScan B200 air purifier is an excellent choice for those suffering from exposure to dust, airborne contaminants and common allergens.

Engineered to minimize the health risks associated with poor IAQ (indoor air quality), our BioScan air purifiers offer superior protection for home and office.


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