Friday, June 6, 2014

SPH800 Multi-station Source Capture Fume Extractors

SPH800 Multi-station Fume Extractors
SPH800 Heavy-duty Fume Extractors

Designed for medium and heavy-duty applications, the SPH800 fume extractors provide a cleaner work environment by capturing harmful gazes, fumes and particulate matter at the source.

The SPH800 fume extractors are powered by high power blower motors and feature a three stage filtration system: a pre-filter to capture large particles, a certified HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of all particulate greater than 0.3 microns and a chemical filter with up to 80 lbs. (36kg) of odor and VOC treatment.

Accessories for SPH800 Fume Extractors
SPH800 Accessories
With a wide range of optional accessories available, the SPH800 fume extractors offer cost-effective, high-performance for numerous applications such as welding, soldering, laser marking and engraving, laboratories and virtually any activity where direct capture from the source is required.


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